Proprietary Software

The Fulfillment Lab believes in complete order transparency. What does that mean? We built our proprietary Global Fulfillment Software™ (GFS) to provide you with real-time visibility at every stage of the fulfillment process. You see what we see…in REAL TIME.

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Fulfillment at Light Speed

Business is moving at light speed. GFS gives you the ability to make last minute edits, changes, add customer service delays and more. With GFS you can customize the entire fulfillment experience based on how YOU provide service to YOUR customers.

Why We Built Our Global Fulfillment Software™

You might think fulfillment is easy. It can be…with a limited service offering if every customer was the same and ordered the same thing, the same way. However, when you start customizing the fulfillment experience at mass volume, it’s very complex.

  • Complete Order Transparency
  • Real-Time Visibilty
  • Simple and Scalable
  • Customized Fulfillment Experience
  • The Future of Fulfillment
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