Customized Packaging

So, you have an awesome company with incredible products…but you ship them in a boring brown box or mailer. Then, global ecommerce came on to the scene. Companies quickly started to realize that the first real tangible experience that an ecommerce company has with the customer is the package arriving at the door. It’s your first impression.

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Ever heard of Fulfillment Marketing? We invented it.

The Fulfillment Lab can create an entirely unique fulfillment experience using data you’re already capturing. Is your buyer male or female? Where did they order from? Where do they live? Which landing page did they come from? What is their average spend? Are they a first-time buyer or repeat buyer? Did they just have a birthday? Do they have a birthday coming up?

Is your marketing team speaking with fulfillment?

Using analytics within our Global Fulfillment Software™, you’ll quickly be able to pinpoint which experience your clients like the most. Now you can maximize your return-on-investment by upgrading and refining the packaging for maximum profitability while keeping it fresh and exciting every time someone buys your products.

  • Don’t be left behind. Brown boxes are the past.
  • Create a truly unique fulfillment experience.
  • Separate yourself from your competition.
  • Yes, customized fulfillment at mass-volume!
  • It’s time to expect more.
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