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“We are the best!”

Vendors always claim to be “agile”, but, how often do they actually design their services, and prices, around YOUR business model? We do.


We listen, and respond, by profiting only from Fulfillment. We make no profit from management fees, storage charges, inserts or any other additional services. That’s the way an in-house fulfillment department would operate.

  • No account implementation fee
  • No account management fee
  • No storage fee for rotated inventory
  • No rush upcharges
  • No long-term contract required
  • Low, flat rate package processing
  • Combined volume shipping rates passed to our clients
  • Powerful web-accessible client software
  • Additional services are at-cost

Customized Fulfillment Solutions

Here’s why The Fulfillment Lab is the leader in the fulfillment industry – Customized Integration. What’s better than customized integration? FREE customized integration.

Why does The Fulfillment Lab provide this?
This comes from listening to what our customers want.  We found out that our clients with smaller daily volume couldn’t afford that huge “Customized Integration Markup” other companies were pitching.

And we found out on the same token our larger daily volume customers absolutely loved our seamless integration.

We profit when you profit by only charging you as orders go out the door!

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