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GFS. Global Fulfillment System™.

The Fulfillment Lab has perfected Global Fulfillment System™ and
international shipping. Our Global Fulfillment System™ is comprised of 3 components that encompass all that we do here at The Fulfillment Lab. The Global Fulfillment System™ controls our Global Fulfillment Software™ as well as our Global Fulfillment Services™. The Fulfillment Lab is GFS and GFS is at the core of what sets us apart from everyone else.

  • Global Fulfillment System™
  • Global Fulfillment Software™
  • Global Fulfillment Services™

The global economy necessitates an understanding of international shipping.  Many companies claim to have “turnkey” systems that handle processing, fulfillment, shipping, and returns outside of the United States. There are several key points that set The Fulfillment Lab apart from the other companies.

  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Inventory and Order Dashboard with Global View
  • Three to Six day delivery to the US, EU, AU, and UK
  • Global Returns Solutions

So why should you work with The Fulfillment Lab for your international shipping?  This can be summed up in one simple sentence.


We at The Fulfillment Lab work with several of our customers, big and small, to handle almost every single situation possible with our established international footprint.


We could explain it here and talk about our dedicated support team with years of international expertise, but we’d rather discuss it with you personally.

Backorder Prevention Toolbox.

Our Backorder Prevention Toolbox is one of several assets
that puts us light years above our competition.  One of the most important aspects when launching a product or hitting a “sweet spot” is to make sure you have enough product to keep your orders filled.

Our real time snapshot into your complete product lifecycle includes the following lead times:

  • Packaging
  • Raw materials
  • Labels
  • We manage it all for you

We make it easy to view all of your products and their components in a single view. Many of our competitors will charge you a monthly fee just to alert you when your inventory is low. The Fulfillment Lab beats the competition hands down by having this toolbox at your disposal at no cost. While we’d love to just show everyone how it works, not everyone is privy to this.  Our competitors have been trying to see this product in action since we launched it and frankly, they wish they had it. Call us at (813) 444-3455 today to schedule a time for you to review the toolbox at no charge.

Cash Flow Management.

Our Cash Flow Management system is simple.  Our strategic relationships with domestic and international manufactures allow us to offer all of our customers “bulk pricing” with low volume commitments.  This guaranteed pricing sets us apart from our competitors in the industry.  We don’t believe in tiered pricing, just like we don’t believe in some clients being better than other clients.

Our straight line cost model allows for more accurate planning.

  • Just in Time Prepaid Shipping Account (PSA) Calculator
  • Real Time Inventory
  • Flat Line Costing Model – No Hidden Fees
  • Dashboard Reporting – Detailed Line Item Costs

Customized Integration Solutions

Here’s why The Fulfillment Lab is the leader in the fulfillment industry – Customized Integration. What’s better than customized integration? FREE customized integration.

Why does The Fulfillment Lab provide this?
This comes from listening to what our customers want.  We found out that our clients with smaller daily volume couldn’t afford that huge “customized integration markup” other companies were pitching.

And we found out on the same token our larger daily volume customers absolutely loved our seamless integration.

We profit when you profit by only charging you as orders go out the door!

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